Site Resources is about talented professionals collaborating all day, every day.

Creative and functional solutions come from collaboration, reinforcing a reputation for high quality design and creative problem solving. From our 1994 inception, Site Resources’ intentional model for site design has been to integrate landscape architecture with civil engineering at the start of each project. This hallmark carries throughout our portfolio. It is not as much about the building type as it is about working together within the infrastructure and surrounding environment, to create inviting and sustainable sites compliant with regulatory process. The goals and requirements of both disciplines are considered in creating exceptional places. Not working at odds, but equally important and involved. Not sequential, but concurrent; creating beautifully functional, sustainable places for people to spend each day.


Our dual perspective is second nature.

We employ a team approach on each and every project on which we work. Clients have a single point of contact who communicates with them on all aspects of the project. Each project team is made up of landscape architects and civil engineers, intertwining the technical, structural, “make it all work” side with the creative, placemaking, “make it beautiful” side. This approach allows us to successfully navigate, anticipate and solve the kinds of challenges that are part of any site plan with creativity, expertise and efficiency.

A reflection on the restoration of the campus’ Library Pond:
On behalf of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, many thanks to all of you for lending your talents and your enduring perseverance to design and deliver a truly wonderful new iconic space for the UMBC community.

Joe Rexing, AIA, Director of Design & Construction Services for UMBC


Technical. Creative. Collaborative. A true team approach that enhances our work environment.

With collaboration comes huge benefits. Site Resources employs a talented team of diverse professional backgrounds. We support lifelong learning, encourage collaboration and creativity, and listen to new ideas from all areas. Our unique multidisciplinary team approach to planning and design enhances the distinct potential of each project. We are a culture that protects the environment by working to be as sustainable as we can in projects and at the office. And our holistic and collaborative approach reinforces our ability to connect people to nature, their surroundings and each other.

Creative Design. Successfully Engineered.

Landscape architects and civil engineers working in tandem to create exceptional places in the built environment and surrounding landscape.
Site Resources is WBE certified.