By integrating landscape architecture and civil engineering, we turn site plans and facilities into amenities. Intertwining these disciplines at every step of the process ensures efficiencies and adds value to each project, encompassing function site requirements while creatively shaping the site for a more beautiful and natural aesthetic.

Site Resources approaches site planning from a placemaking perspective. Environments are ever-changing. Developers, property owners and institutions demand and deserve creativity and efficiency in project oversight. Our team approach and blending of disciplines affords Site Resources a unique perspective when crafting the best solutions for each site. Artistry and engineering combined.

Site Resources. Creative Design. Successfully Engineering.

Over the course of the design phases for the project, I have found Site Resources to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive. In particular, I feel that the drawings produced for the project are among the most clear and easily read of any civil drawings I have seen. It has been a pleasure working with Site Resources, and I look forward to our next project together.

John C. Morrel, AIA


Landscape Architecture is more than planting. It is about crafting enduring, functional and relatable places with scale, form, materials, color and detail.

At Site Resources, landscape architects guide the transformation of sites, adopting a sustainable approach to create a balance between the natural and built environments. Functional and aesthetic elements are melded, respecting the underlying natural fabric of the site as it evolves into a place re-imagined for its proposed use.


In today’s complex regulatory environment, it is critical to understand and anticipate land development challenges in order to creatively solve them. Our design approach incorporates the client’s vision into the site while ensuring responsible land stewardship and adhering to regulatory standards.

Our civil engineers work closely with our landscape architects to craft effective and responsible solutions that are sensitive to the design goals identified in a project’s planning stages. This integration ensures the preservation and enhancement of site attributes while maintaining our clients’ development goals. Each facet of design, from initial concepts through engineering and constructability review, is intended to meet aesthetic, functional and budgetary goals, while synchronizing with development standards and regulatory requirements. Our professionals are well versed in technical and jurisdictional requirements and we focus on entitlement processes throughout the course of design to help maintain critical project timelines.

Creative Design. Successfully Engineered.

Landscape architects and civil engineers working in tandem to create exceptional places in the built environment and surrounding landscape.
Site Resources is WBE certified.